Entertainment Law Reporter
December 2006 Volume 28 Number 7

In the Law Reviews:

Antitrust Law as Mass Media Regulation: Can Merger Standards Protect the Public Interest? by Howard A. Shelanski, 94 California Law Review 371 (2006)

Common Law Protection for Products of the Mind: An "Idea" Whose Time Has Come
by Arthur R. Miller, 119 Harvard Law Review 703 (2006)

Searches and Seizures in a Digital World by Orin S. Kerr, 119 Harvard Law Review 531 (2005)

Hitchcock's "Rear Window" & International Copyright Law: An Examination of Stewart v. Abend & Its Affect on International Copyright Renewal and Exploitation by Seth M. Goldstein, 14 Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law 247 (2006)

The Digital VAT (D-VAT) by Richard Thompson Ainsworth, 25 Virginia Tax Review 875 (2006)

Motion Picture Piracy: Controlling the Seemingly Endless Supply of Counterfeit Optical Discs in Taiwan by Stephen K. Shiu, 39 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 607 (2006)

Defamation in the Digital Age: Some Comparative Law Observations on the Difficulty of Reconciling Free Speech and Reputation in the Emerging Global Village by Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr., 62 Washington and Lee Law Review (2005)

Cable Operators' Fifth Amendment Claims Applied to Digital Must-Carry by Nissa Langhner & Justin Brown, 58 Federal Communications Law Journal (2006) (published by Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington and the Federal Communications Bar Association)

Tattoos and Copyright Infringement: Celebrities, Marketers, and Businesses Beware of the Ink by Christopher A. Harkins, 10 Lewis & Clark Law Review (2006)

The Anti-Competitive Music Industry and the Case for Compulsory Licensing in the Digital Distribution of Music by Ankur Srivastava, 22 Touro Law Review (2006)

Professor Nimmer Meets Professor Schauer (and Others): An Analysis of "Definitional Balancing" as a Methodology for Determining the "Visible Boundaries of the First Amendment" by Norman T. Deutsch, 39 Akron Law Review 483 (2006)

Expansive Copyright Protection for All Time?: Avoiding Article I Horizontal Limitations Through the Treaty Power by Caroline T. Nguyen, 106 Columbia Law Review 1079 (2006)

Harry Potter, Tanya Grotter, and the Copyright Derivative Work by Dennis S. Karjala, 38 Arizona State Law Journal 17 (2006)

Comment on Dennis S. Karjala, Harry Potter, Tanya Grotter, and the Copyright Derivative Work by Edmund W. Kitch, 38 Arizona State Law Journal 41 (2006)

Trademark Law: When Adding ".com" Adds Distinctiveness: Proving Secondary Meaning for Domain Name Marks by Katarzyna Pabis, 11 University of Florida Journal of Technology Law & Policy 93 (2006)

Copyright Law: When Is "Substantial" Substantial Enough by Magdalena Ozarowski, 11 University of Florida Journal of Technology Law & Policy 103 (2006)

DMCA Anti-Circumvention Provisions in a Different Light: Perspectives from Transnational Observation of Five Jurisdictions by Richard Li-Dar Wang, 34 American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal 217 (2006) (www.aipla.orghttp://www.aipla.org)

The Year of Leaking Dangerously: Shadowy Sources, Jailed Journalists and the Uncertain Future of the Federal Journalist's Privilege by Anthony L. Fargo, 14 William and Mary Bill of Rights Journal 1063 (2006)

Excessive Heckling and Violent Behavior at Sporting Events: A Legal Solution? by Lindsay M. Korey Lefteroff, University of Miami Business Law Review 119 (2006)

Intellectual Property and Baseball Statistics: Can Major League Baseball Take Its Fantasy Ball and Go Home?, 74 University of Cincinnati Law Review (2006)

When Exclusionary Conduct Meets the Exclusive Rights of Intellectual Property: Morris v. PGA Tour and the Limits of Free Riding As an Antitrust Business Justification by Shubha Ghosh, 37 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 723 (2006)

New England Law Review has published a Symposium entitled From Grand Slams to Grand Juries: Performance-Enhancing Drug Use in Sports, 40/3 New England Law Review (2006)

Author's Copyright: An Islamic Perspective by Muhammad Amandlah, 9 The Journal of World Intellectual Property 301 (2006) (www.blackwell-synergy.com)

A Digital Age Communications Act Paradigm for Federal-State Relations by Kyle D. Dixon & Philip J. Weiser, 4 Journal on Telecommunications & High Technology Law 321 (2006) (University of Colorado College of Law)

England's Chilling Forecast: The Case for Granting Declaratory Relief to Prevent English Defamation Actions from Chilling American Speech by Raymond W. Beauchamp, 74 Fordham Law Review 3073 (2006)

What Can It Mean "to Prevent or Inhibit the Infringement of Copyright"?-A Critique on Stevens v Sony by David J. Brennan, 17 Australian Intellectual Property Journal 81 (2006)

The Regulation of Shrink-Wrapped Radio: Implications of Copyright on Podcasting by Michael N. Lang, 14 CommLaw Conspectus: Journal of Communications Law and Policy 463 (2006) (published by Catholic University School of Law)

Cultural Property Law: Reflecting on the Bamiyan Buddhas' Destruction , 29 Suffolk Transnational Law Review 237 (2006)

They've Lost Their Marbles: 2002 Universal Museums' Declaration, The Elgin Marbles and the Future of the Repatriation Movement, 29 Suffolk Transnational Law Review 315 (2006)

From Bamiyan to Baghdad: Warfare and the Preservation of Cultural Heritage at the Beginning of the 21st Century by Patty Gerstenblith, 37 Georgetown Journal of International Law 245 (2006)

Stealing Beauty: Stopping the Madness of Illicit Art Trafficking by David N. Chang, 28 Houston Journal of International Law 829 (2006)

In the Wake of Republic of Austria v. Altmann: The Current Status of Foreign Sovereign Immunity in United States Courts by David P. Vandenberg, 77 University of Colorado Law Review (2006)

Show Me the Monet: The Suitability of Product Disparagement to Art Experts by Jeffrey Orenstein, 13 George Mason Law Review 905 (2005)

Martha Graham, Professor Miller and the "Work for Hire" Doctrine: Undoing the Judicial Bind Created by the Legislature by Nancy S. Kim, 13 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 337 (2006) (published by University of Georgia School of Law)

Voluntary Collective Licensing: The Solution to the Music Industry's File Sharing Crisis? by Meghan Dougherty, 13 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 405 (2006) (for publisher, see above)

A Brave Attempt: Can the National Collegiate Athletic Association Sanction Colleges and Universities with Native American Mascots? by Kenneth B. Franklin, 13 Journal of Intellectual Property Law 435 (2006) (for publisher, see above)

Freedom of the Press Box: Classifying High School Athletes Under the Gertz Public Figure Doctrine by Jonathan Deem, 108 West Virginia Law Review 799 (2006)

The Rebirth of the NBA-Well, Almost: An Analysis of the Maurice Clarett Decision and its Impact on the National Basketball Association by Kevin J. Cimino, 108 West Virginia Law Review (2006)

Harmonising Anti-Circumvention Protection with Copyright Law: The Evolution from WCT to the Norwegian Anti-Circumvention Provisions by Thomas Rieber-Mohn, 37/2 IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 182 (2006) (published by the Max Planck Institute, www.ip.mpg.de)

Definition of Technical Protection Measure "Sony v. Stevens" Australia High Court, 37/2 IIC International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law 182 (2006) (for publisher, see above)

Have You No Sense of Decency? An Examination of the Effect of Traditional Values and Family-Oriented Organizations on Twenty-First Century Broadcast Indecency Standards by Michael J. Cohen, 30 Seton Hall Legislative Journal (2005)

Going for a Song: Are Ring Tones Really a Personal Thing?
by Thomas Schmitz, 160 Copyright World 9 (2006) (www.ipworldonline.com)