Entertainment Law Reporter
November 2006 Volume 28 Number 6

In the Law Reviews:

The Right of Publicity vs. the First Amendment: Will One Test Ever Capture the Starring Role? by Gloria Franke, 79 Southern California Law Review 945 (2006)

Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review has published Volume 10, Number 3 with the following articles:

All Rights Reserved? Cultural Monopoly and the Troubles with Copyright by Michael Geist, 10 Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review 411 (2006) (The Honorable Helen Wilson Nies Memorial Lecture)

The Effects of the Corporate Diversification Trend on Trademarks by Katherine E. Halmen, 10 Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review 459 (2006)

Reverse Engineering of Computer Programs Under the DMCA: Recognizing a “Fair Access” Defense by Donna Lee, 10 Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review 537 (2006) (The winner of the Computer Law Association 2005 Information Technology Law Writing Competition)

Willamette Law Review has published Volume 42, Number 4 as a Sports Law Symposium with the following articles:

Social Psychology, Calamities & Sports Law by Michael McCann, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

The Beauty of Bets: Wagers as Compensation for Professional Athletes by Jeffrey Standen, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

The Coming Revenue Revolution in Sports by Jack F. Williams, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

Peace and Hoops: Basketball as a Role Player in Sustainable Peace Building by Chad Ford, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

Solving Problems in the Player Representation Business: Unions Should Be the Exclusive Representatives of the Players by Richard Karcher, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

Regulating the Athlete Agent Industry: Intended and Unintended Consequences by Timothy Davis, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

Internationalization in College Sports: Issues in Recruiting, Amateurism, and Scope by Maureen A. Weston, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

The Future of International Sports Law by James A. R. Nafziger, 42 Willamette Law Review (2006)

Student-Athlete Contract Rights in the Aftermath of Bloom v. NCAA by Joel Eckert, 59 Vanderbilt Law Review 905 (2006)

Inducement Liability for Copyright Infringement is Born: The Supreme Court Attempts to Remedy the Law’s Broken Leg With a Cast on the Arm by Evan F. Fitts, 71 Missouri Law Review 767 (2006)

Human Rights as Copyrights: A Third Way in Human Rights Discourse by John R. Morss and Mirko Bagaric, 13 University of Baltimore Intellectual Property Law Journal 103 (2006)

Liability of Internet Service Providers for Infringing Activities of Their Customers: Will the INDUCE Act Solve the Problem? by Jonathan Schulman, 13 University of Baltimore Intellectual Property Law Journal 121 (2005)

It Takes Two to Tango!: Problems with Community Property Ownership of Copyrights and Patents in Texas by J. Wesley Cochran, 2006 Baylor Law Review 407 (2006)

Akron Law Review has published Volume 39, Number 3 with the following Intellectual Property articles:

A Brief Essay on the Importance of Time in International Conventions of Intellectual Property Rights by Vincenzo Vineiguerra, 39 Akron Law Review (2006)

Intellectual Property Rights in Virtual Environments: Considering the Rights of Owners, Programmers and Virtual Avatars by Woodrow Barfield, 39 Akron Law Review (2006)

An Analysis of the Legality of Television Cameras Broadcasting Juror Deliberations in a Criminal Case by Daniel H. Erskine, Esq., 39 Akron Law Review (2006)

Hollywood’s Disappearing Act: International Trade Remedies to Bring Hollywood Home by Claire Wright, 39 Akron Law Review (2006)

Propertization, Contract, Competition, and Communication: Law’s Struggle to Adapt to the Transformative Powers of the Internet by David Barnhizer, 54 Cleveland State Law Review 1 (2006)

Capturing Ideas: Copyright and the Law of First Possession by Abraham Drassinower, 54 Cleveland State Law Review 191 (2006)

Exporting DMCA Lockouts by Anupam Chander, 54 Cleveland State Law Review 205 (2006)

Grokking Grokster: Has the Supreme Court Changed Inducement under Patent Law? by Gary N. Frischling & Miriam Bitton, 34/3 American Intellectual Property Law Association Quarterly Journal 265 (2006) (www.aipla.org) (housed at George Washington University Law School )

The european Intellectual Property Review, www.sweetandmaxwell.co.uk, has published Volume 28, Issues 10 and 11 with the following articles:

The Liability of Internet Service Providers for Copyright Infringement and Defamation Actions in the United Kingdom and China: A Comparative Study by Weixiao Wei, 28/10 European Intellectual Property Review 528 (2006) (for website, see above)

The Introduction of Performers’ Moral Rights: Part 1 by Ilanah Simon, 28/11 European Intellectual Property Review 552 (2006) (for website, see above)

DRM Interoperability and Intellectual Property Policy in Europe by Mikko Valimaki and Ville Oksanen, 28/11 European Intellectual Property Review 562 (2006) (for website, see above)

Copyright and P2P: Law, Economics and Patterns of Evolution by Patricia Akester and Francisco Lima, 28/11 European Intellectual Property Review 576 (2006) (for website, see above)

Entertainment Law Review, www.sweetandmaxwell.co.uk, has published Volume 17, Issue 8 with the following articles:

APIG Fails to Change the DRM Record by Catherine Stromdale, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 229 (2006) (for website, see above)

Sewing Up “Personality” Brands: The Implications of Case C259/04 Elizabeth Emanuel v Continental Shelf 128 Ltd. by Aaron Wood, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 232 (2006) (for website, see above)

Apple Corps Ltd v Apple Computer Inc: Alleged Breach of Trade Mark Agreement by Andrew Hobson and Gemma Cullis, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 234 (2006) (for website, see above)

Offensive Communications and the Law by Alisdair A. Gillespie, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 236 (2006) (for website, see above)

Fair Use and Fair Dealing by Tony Ballard, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 239 (2006) (for website, see above)

The Importance of Upholding Settlement Agreements: Barrett v Universal-Island Records by Neil Mohring, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 242 (2006) (for website, see above)

Tax with Richard and Judy by Euan Lawson, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 244 (2006) (for website, see above)

Russian Films Going International: Certain Hints for International Co-Producers and Distributors Acquiring Rights to Russian Films by Alla Naglis, 17/8 Entertainment Law Review 247 (2006) (for website, see above)

An Accident of History: Why the Decisions of Sports Governing Bodies are not Amenable to Judicial Review by Jack Anderson, 35 Common Law World Review 173 (2006) (http://www.vathek.com/clwr/index.shtml)

Employing the Performing Artist in France by Tony A. Kenneybrew, 13.2 Tulsa Journal of Comparative and International Law 249 (2006)

Don’t Give Me That!: Tax Valuation of Gifts to Art Museums by Mary Varson Cromer, 63 Washington and Lee Law Review 777 (2006)