September 2006
Volume 28 Number 4

Recent Cases  

Screenwriter Jeff Grosso loses implied contract case against Miramax  


Stage director Marion Caffey is awarded $34,000 for unlicensed performances of "Three Mo' Tenors" by show's own tenors


Disney movie "Up, Up and Away" did not infringe "Earth Protector" trademark

Paramount's 1970 movie "A Man Called Horse" did not defame Native American


Appeals court reinstates defamation claim filed against Boston Magazine by teenager whose photograph accompanied article on teen sexuality


Radio station didn't cause death of woman during promotional event involving Britney Spears impersonator


Pittsburgh taxpayer doesn't have standing to challenge Steeler's stadium deal


Basketball coach Nolan Richardson wasn’t fired by University of Arkansas on account of his race, appeals court affirms


Major League Baseball did not discriminate against retired Caucasian players




Entertainment Lawyer News

- Steven Metalitz and Eric Schwartz join Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp

- Fred Bernstein joins Proskauer Rose

- Gary Gans joins Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp

- Beverly Frank joins Proskauer Rose


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